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Bone Cancer in Children, Know the Types and Symptoms

Bone cancer in children that often occurs is osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma. Children who suffer from bone cancer can show symptoms that vary. This depends on the location and size of the cancer. To find out more about bone cancer in children, consider the following review. Bones have a role to form structure and support the body, protect important organs, such as the lungs, heart and brain, help the body to move, make blood cells, and as a place to store minerals, such as calcium. Because of its important function, bone health needs to be maintained properly. There are various disorders that can occur in the bone. One of them is bone cancer, which can occur in both adults and children. This condition will make the bones change shape, brittle and easily broken. Types of Bone Cancer in Children Bone cancer is a malignant bone tumor. Bone cancer in children is actually rare. Only about 3% of cases of cancer in children occur due to bone cancer. This cancer can develop in any
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7 Myths about Miscarriage Need to Mother Know the Facts

Miscarriage is a sensitive topic to talk about. Unfortunately, this makes the myths about miscarriages that exist in society, often believed. In fact, often these myths are not true. Myths about miscarriages often make pregnant women feel guilty, even make it reluctant to try to get pregnant again. Now, by knowing as many facts as possible, you are expected to be able to re-prepare for pregnancy well, and accept a miscarriage without blaming yourself. List of Myths and Facts about Miscarriage Many women are forbidden to reveal their pregnancy in the first trimester because it is feared it will cause miscarriage. Did you experience it too? This is one myth that needs to be clarified. It is precisely at this time that pregnant women need full support to avoid miscarriage. Come on consider various other myths about miscarriage and the facts. Myth: Miscarriage cannot be prevented In fact, there are indeed a number of causes for miscarriages that are beyond Mother's control. H

How to Avoid Fake Vaccines

The case of fake vaccines has troubled many parents, as their effects make many people doubt the authenticity and safety of child immunization. In fact, there are easy ways for Little to get a vaccine that is guaranteed authenticity and safety. Vaccination is the process of giving antigens in the form of living microorganisms that have been weakened or dead, or parts that have been processed in such a way as to cause immunity to the recipient of the vaccine. The vaccine is given with the intention of stimulating the formation of active immunity against certain diseases. What Is a Fake Vaccine? Fake vaccines are preparations labeled vaccines that do not contain antigens, so they do not stimulate the formation of active immunity, and make them useless. The authenticity of a vaccine can be determined after going through laboratory tests by BPOM. From the results of the examination, fake vaccines generally contain the following ingredients: Intravenous fluids. There are several